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Put yo sweet-ass-cash in this bag right here! Right now!

I love little shorts like this, well put together, the joke was executed well, perhaps turn the audio up a bit, I'm getting old, so my hearing is going a bit, you know how it is! No issue with the minimalistic design choice, makes every bit of colour stand out just that little bit more!

Anyway, I'm dead now.



DylTheRetroDemon responds:

Thanks for the nice words! A lot of nice words, might I add.

Way too much volcano in this animation for me! But honestly, it's a welcome suprise to see this on Newgrounds, like seeing two of my favourite things mushed into one. Been watching Chris "Ironmouse" Broad for many years now, and been impressed with the production quality going up, and up. Also after "Life is Balloons", I didn't expect Natsuki to top that, yet here we are.

Anyway, enough preamble from me, I liked the animation, it was smooth, and worked solid with the audio, which was of course, a banger of a tune. I really think you did it justice, I hope Chris, Joey, and Natsuki do see this, I think they would appriciate it!

PS: Yeah, loved the Ironmouse reference too.



snailpirate responds:

Thanks for the kind words, and yes Chris, Joey, and even Ironmouse saw this! Chris said he'd be showing it Natsuki as well so I hope he likes it too!

This story left me with so many emotions, the twists, the turns, and the intrique! It had it all, it did not go on too long, nor was it too short, but it is certainly worthy of the award, and maybe even an Oscar (just grab Will Smiths), it was perfect.

Also, I have the pictures saved somewhere, 50 clockcoin, and they are yours, otherwise, they will be released to the public! HAHAHAHA!



PannacottaClock responds:

i'm glad you liked it but the lesson is i don't mind those pictures being released this movie is obviously about body positivity

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Damn, I can't believe I got tricked into play a wordgame! Although, I will admit, I did cheat, by using a dictionary to help me out, because I've had sex, so have no idea how words work. I liked the tower defence aspect, and everything, as well as the audio. The style was also great, I don't have much to say about that!

I did enjoy this game, except for the word part, obviously, as I am no good with the words, they are hard! Can you make a 1 letter version of Wordle for me? That would be a lot of fun!



Stepford responds:

I'm glad you had fun, Rena! <3 <3

I'll 1 letter Wordle just 4 u

Interesting concept, but sadly, it's not really working, you might want to update your control method, as space is just interacting with my browser, which is Firefox. I have also tried to load this up in Chrome, and Edge, but they are all having the same problem, so at the moment, it's a little hard to give an accurate review, sorry!



Redead-ITA responds:

Good news we have updated the game to be somewhat playable, now any button will work that is in the keyboard while the game is on focus, but the main issue now is that we don't know how to fix the blackscreen after the cutscene, outside of that it's playable

It's a good start for learning, though the 30 seconds list item, well the game doesn't end after 30 seconds, and I am terrible at platformers, so it took a little more than 30 seconds, I wanted to know how to reach that hidden bit, which sadly didn't give me anything, so I was sad.

A mute button for the music, or volume option would have been a useful addition here as well, I often like to listen to my own sick beats when I am playing games. The sound effect you picked was good though, fit well, and everything seemed to work as you intended! Credit on your work here, keep on learning, look forward to what you can do in future!



RicksDrawer responds:

thanks for checking out the game!
I'll take notes on the points you raised and I'll try to add next time xD

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Glowsticks are an optional extra from a remix of this nature! The beat filled me with energy, and it's currently 1:55am where I am, energy is something I don't really need! But I am always on this look out for good Mii Channel remixes, as a song that constantly bugs me in my sleep, and this is one of those, great beat, and full of life! The only thing missing now is plenty of alcohol and a dance floor...



GalacticPenguinz responds:

Ha, thanks a lot! This comment made my day! \(^o^\)

This here is my jam, there is nothing more soothing, or addictive than the Mii Channel music, it is almost always stuck in my head. Forever do I seek out a new remix to get my hit, and here is just one I have not yet come accross, and I love it! This is a great remix of the Mii Channel music in my eyes, or rather ears!




I don't like the distortion in the middle, it really ruins it for me, it doesn't flow with the rest of the song or beat. The lyrics fit very well with the music, I know it seems a bit repetative in bits but it's got a very good beat to it and doesn't need the distortion to make it sound diffrent. The repeting of the words at the end doesn't work either, end on a letter and fade it out maybe.

The introduction has a good start to the whole beat and the singing is very good, I like it, I might not be too keen on the lyrics but they still work and the way "burn" is sung is nice, dunno why, I just like the way you've done it.

~ Review Request Club ~



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This is amazing, I had no idea what you were planning on putting together when you made the thread, but I am glad I saw it to respond to! I must say, D.Va does look good in a cat sweater, although over the whole MEKA jumpsuit was a bold choice! As well as getting a seat on the sofa, always a bonus!

I think this was a great thing to do for the community, and all the colours coming together is great. I always love your art!



TheShokBlok responds:

Just a little gift from me to y'all (⁠人⁠ ⁠•͈⁠ᴗ⁠•͈⁠)

Thank you for recreating this iconic meme! It looks better than I imagined it would, and it is really impressive! Although, I think you could draw a steaming turd, and I'd still tell you it looked good, but that's because I love your art style so much!



Love the drawing, and the message, the Ukrainian people deserve to live independent, and in peace, as all people in the world. This has been a clear act of aggression on Russia's part, all must stand united for Ukraine!

But enough about politics, I do like the armour on show here, I have a soft spot for big armour, with some elegence as well. I suspect she would do very well against aggression!



This water is making my head feel really funny, what did you put in it?

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