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Interesting concept, but sadly, it's not really working, you might want to update your control method, as space is just interacting with my browser, which is Firefox. I have also tried to load this up in Chrome, and Edge, but they are all having the same problem, so at the moment, it's a little hard to give an accurate review, sorry!



Redead-ITA responds:

Good news we have updated the game to be somewhat playable, now any button will work that is in the keyboard while the game is on focus, but the main issue now is that we don't know how to fix the blackscreen after the cutscene, outside of that it's playable

It's a good start for learning, though the 30 seconds list item, well the game doesn't end after 30 seconds, and I am terrible at platformers, so it took a little more than 30 seconds, I wanted to know how to reach that hidden bit, which sadly didn't give me anything, so I was sad.

A mute button for the music, or volume option would have been a useful addition here as well, I often like to listen to my own sick beats when I am playing games. The sound effect you picked was good though, fit well, and everything seemed to work as you intended! Credit on your work here, keep on learning, look forward to what you can do in future!



RicksDrawer responds:

thanks for checking out the game!
I'll take notes on the points you raised and I'll try to add next time xD

This is certainly an interesting concept, and the TTS voice over fits in quite well with this game, I'd love to see it expanded upon outside of the List Jam, maybe with a few more buttons, bit like a text adventure game, but instead of text, it's sounds, and you can use the arrow keys to navigate, space to interact, etc.

The main problem I am having with this game is the challenge it poses, I don't know when space has had an effect, and it's largly going to come down to memory on when to press space. Maybe a bit more feedback to the user if space has been pressed, either that, or I am losing my hearing, and that'd make this game even harder!

Overall though, it's good, and a solid challenge!



I am not very good at platformers, but I really did enjoy this one, even thoughI lack the required skills, and timing. The artwork is amazing, I love the style, it's very easy on the eyes, I also like that I can walk through the spikes, that makes the difficulty easier, otherwise it would require a lot more work to avoid the spikes!

The sound is great, not too harsh on the ears, and also quite charming, I like the way it sounds, and I think it works with the art style too. There's not really much I can say that would be critical of this, I think for what the List Jam requires, you did well!



Well I do love that you have used Wick here, great tool, and would strongly recommend others use it, though it can get a bit laggy, unless they have fixed that now. There is sadly not too much here though, the idea you started with has some promise, but I think the execution is a little on the poor side, why can I click upload game, and then select art for example.

The other thing is that you picked "lasts for less that 30 seconds" as one of your things, but I have left it on the desktop for more than 30 seconds, and the game hasn't ended. When I think of something lasting less than 30 seconds, I assume that to mean even without player input, the game will end.

You made an attempt, and that's great, keep on learning!



GoldenDavid responds:

WOW i have beeb commented by THE litlle-rena ? wow thanks
uh i understand your critiscm and thanks to the rewiew
anyway i have to go programm a bit any way thanks thats the best rewiew i have gotten from somebody that wasnot already a fan of mne
have a nice day

I guess it does what it says on the tin, you catch an apple! Although, I question if that is an apple at all, it could be a ball, or even a gumball! Should have put a little stalk on it, and the controls are super simple atleast, the score goes up, so that works!

There are some improvements that could be made, a sound effect when the apple goes in, maybe a tree or two in the background, a little bit of music (with a mute button of course!), and a way of losing, maybe let too many apples fall to the floor, and it's GG! Right now, as I write this, I am watching apples fall in, or hit the ground, no risk for the player!

Hope to see more from you in future, keep learning!



Well, I made it all the way to level 4, I could have gotten further, but the colours were starting to make my eyes hurt, sadly, although it is a good choice, as it most certainly represent the original Game Boy Colour style, though I wouldn't describe them as poop and pee colours! If you are peeing, and pooping green, you might want to see a doctor about that!

I do like the overall design here, and one buttons works pretty well, as with other submissions in the listjam, could have done with a mute button! But other than that, a great little game!



I love the visual style, and the sound effects going on here for the bow, though there is no death sound from what I recall, and a mute button for the music would have been cool. Doing a game with just the one button is quite a challenge, to make it fully playable is also a challenge, but I think you did a great job here with that, working in two mechanics into one button!

Overall, it's a solid game, I can't say I had fun though, it's a platformer, which is not one of my most enjoyable types of games, but more enjoyable than racing games atleast! It was certainly great though, nice use of colour and everything!



A decent little platformer, I'm not really very good at platformers, they require a little too much fine movement, which I am terrible at! I love the art style going on here, it's great, and somewhat reminds me of old Game Boy games, great style, and animation! I do really like the hearts in the top left as well!

One thing I would have liked to have had is a mute button, just because sometimes I enjoy jammin to my own beats, if you get me! The shout is also cool, though I think it would have been really neat if it did something, even just push to enemies away. Overall though, great game!



Joe-Mega responds:

Wow! Thanks for the feedback! I'll have to implement a mute button :)

The style is very simplistic, and it works very well, the music does sadly get a bit repetative, though the mute button also works very well! The sound effects, I do like, those are good, and the animations are really smooth, fitting in with the style overall.

This is sadly not a game I am very good at, never will be any good at these games, though I think the checkpoints are spaced out quite well, and the mechanics work great too, even if it took a while for my smooth brain to get used to only pressing one button to do things! I had my right hand over the arrow keys, just incase!



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