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I have been meaning to leave a review for this, so now I shall do so! I have to say that this is exactly what I wanted when I requested a commission, and the header you made, they are so perfect, and cute. I really think you captured D.Vas character well, and I do love how you managed to get the Newgrounds Level 1 lollipop working with the whole image for this one, it really is what I wanted!

I would like to thank you for making these works for me, and also making the process really smooth, I would recommend anyone wanting some wonderful art to look into your work :)



I would simp so hard for Strawberry Clock Bae, not going to lie!

In all seriousness, I really love this work of art, very cute, the colours are nice, and the simplistic background really adds to the character design. On the fashion for the character, it all comes together very well, nice casual style.



VariantSeven responds:


This series of comics is very inspiring, the design is quite basic, but the colour helps to bring it out a bit, certainly not got any realism going for it, but I don't think comics really need that. I don't think there's too much to improve, some of your little stories will hit some people, and others will appeal to other people, or you might find quite a solid fanbase with what you've got!



Elves are a class I always love to play in roleplay games when given the chance, although I will normally go for a dark elf, and play chaotic neutral, but all this is a large tangent to say that I like elves! And this is a great picture of one that you have made, I love her outfit, and the scenery as a whole, there is some amount of personality that comes through in these colours.

Overall, I love the style, the colours, and the pose, it all comes together nicely and creates a very cute picture!



clayscence responds:

thank you very much! I love elves too so it was a cool commission to do :D

D.Va is my favourite character, and therefore, I like looking at D.Va artwork, this is a really good image! I'm not sure what part you are saying looks awkward about the arm, I don't see it, I think the pose is great! Colours are all vibrant, and overall, a very good D.Va picture!



Good work

It's pretty nice, although the only problem I see with this is the amount of white in the background, you may have wanted to use a colour other than white there. But that's the only thing I think should be changed. The rest of the colours come together very well and the way the lights are wrapped looks good too.

Overall, pretty good, some addition touchups might improve the look as well but those wouldn't be as important.



Love it

I'm not much of a reviewer of art, but I like this, it's very simplistic in style which looks good, it's also very easy to read. There's a common mistake of using black on a white background if I am correct, but you didn't do that so it's easy on the eyes.

The actual concept, I like and much of it can be interchangable between games and I'm sure most people can identify with one of them, I find myself falling in the "Actually playing the game" category, rarly do I respond to anything :p

But anyway, good work!



WhiteLightning responds:

Thank you! :) I found myself as the second one the other day, which is equally as bad as the others when you get right down to it...

Okay, lets review this...

BACKGROUND: I've not seen a notebook with this many holes unless it's a specilist notebook which might explain the very narrow gaps for the lines, generally though, they are a decent width for writting on.

CONCEPT: Dull, it's been done before and much better, I have seen notebook art that is better than this.

ART: What are the random splodges about? They really don't fit in with anything and I don't know what pencils you are using but mine don't come out grey with white dots in them. Had you done more random doodles rather than splodges, it might have looked better but the pencil doesn't look like it is drawing, it looks like part of the picture, add some shadows underneath objects.

IN GENERAL: Lazy work. REALLY lazy work. It seems like you wanted to be famous on Newgrounds so you did a flash with no effort. No effort = low vote.


Sorry if im being too rude, but its what this "thing" deserves.



The eyes are the first thing I noticed here, mostly because of the white sparkle looking thing. I don't mean to get a little picky here but it all looks a little too smooth to me, I like things to be sharp and stand out, like the eyes in this, the hair looks good too, that's all just personal taste though.

The colour is very nice, I like abstract colours, even abstract art but I don't think this falls into that. The colours all work well and if you are going to add in more to the background, make sure it's slightly dark, I think a light background would divert attention away from the main picture. The blue swuve going into the red side of the face is good though, I like that.

~ Review Request Club ~



Scarifying responds:

The background looks lighter here for some reason, I dont know why. In real life the background is a little darker than this. The blue in the red was such a pain to do and it was the last part I did. I was so afraid of doing it ever since I started but once I started doing it, the rest just followed. I am glad you liked it, thanks for leaving a review :]

This water is making my head feel really funny, what did you put in it?

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