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I Guess I'm Kind of Back

2015-01-07 16:40:10 by Little-Rena

Two consecutive days on Newgrounds, admitatly only making a few posts on the forums and not really much else, but they have been full days! Probably won't be doing much of flash anytime in the near future, perhaps when I feel like burning your eyes with some terrible creation.

Images updated blah blah.

I don't really have anything exciting to report, feel free to drop me a message if for some reason you wish to talk! But otherwise, have a good Wednesday! (Or what's left of it...)


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2015-01-07 18:39:40

Welcome back, dude!

Little-Rena responds:

Why thank you.


2015-01-08 12:50:55

r u reel gril

Little-Rena responds:

Deeps if you are dreaming or not.


2015-01-08 13:08:57

im not

Little-Rena responds:

Then I exist and am real, unless there has been strong progress on the AI front!


2015-01-09 11:59:56

Where did dark magishi girly go :c :c :c </3 </3 </3

Little-Rena responds:

I wanted to update! She was there for years!


2015-01-09 12:16:29


Little-Rena responds:

: (


2015-01-10 04:11:37

Welcome back kind of! :D

Little-Rena responds:



2015-01-13 05:56:14

Little-Rena in the soup this the same Little-Rena the VA I remember or am I confusing you with another user?

Welcome back, anyhow!

Little-Rena responds:

You must be confusing me with someone else, I founded the Soup Squad!


2015-01-13 07:48:14

And of course I remember right after reading your reply. I was confusing you with Rina-chan for some reason, I guess because of the hyphen. Hooray for poor memory.

So it's been a long while since I did anything for the soup squad. I've more or less "retired" if that's a thing and so IDK what's happened since then. What's happened recently?

Little-Rena responds:

I have no idea, I have missed around a year or so of Newgrounds, lol.


2015-01-15 11:05:07

Funny seeing you pop up! Christ, it's been awhile. Let's bring back the Noob Nation! :D

Little-Rena responds:

There's a blast from the past!


2015-02-20 14:38:13

Happy belated birthday. Did you know you and I share the same birthday? Respect


2015-02-23 00:02:45

Oh, happy birthday! Glad I scrolled down to check.. Tom kinda changed the order of comments in our blogs a lil while ago, really complicates things. I think it sucks I'm also starting to think his idea, of spinning off the adult stuff here to another site, is also sucky O_o You know he had a vasectomy about this time last year lol?

Little-Rena responds:

Thanks and no, I didn't!


2015-12-22 06:11:28

You have a lot of fans.

Little-Rena responds:

I guess!


2016-04-04 14:56:19

I guess you're not back then...sad

Little-Rena responds:

Kinda sorta though.


2016-04-26 06:49:21

The cookies i baked walked away on me...
...since i made them filled with love and you in mind!


2017-06-24 11:30:05

sound off little rena
we need an after-action report!