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Little-Rena's News

Posted by Little-Rena - July 23rd, 2008

Seriously guys, how many times are you going to make topics on the BBS about it? I'm not sure what I find more annoying, what this virus does or the constant infux of topics along the lines of "OMFG SS VIRUS!!!" to "4Chan Fandango!" and such, it's stupid, plenty of people have pointed it out, it's not hard to just post in one topic.

I am aware this newspost is shit, I await a shitty comment from TheSoulMan at some point from now till the end of time because he's from Spain.

Spain is in Europe.

4Chan Fandango Virus

Posted by Little-Rena - July 13th, 2008


Also this video is a waste of time so watch it.

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Anyway, as I was saying, give me some wacky, funny and original ideas that I won't don anyway but lets just see what you say because your opinion and view really matters.


Posted by Little-Rena - June 28th, 2008

Yeah so I finally reached Level 27, well I did yesterday but I didn't feel like making a news post, too much effort, lmao. I have to say it's one of the best looking levels in my opinion, looks good with most auras except green and red but nothing really looks good with those, well I don't think so anyway. Finally rid of the ugly Level 26 though.

Yesterday I submitted a flash which really isn't worth watching, let alone reviewing, so don't go through the effort lmao. Just I haven't really done anything in a while, I had an idea for one but too lazy to draw any of it, gosh, I blame the heat! Eventhough I'm just as bad in the winter eheh.

Here's an old video I found of the Mythbusters on CSI.

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So yeah, leave a comment if you like and here's an uploaded image of Level 27 for no reason. PS think I should change my aura back to Light of Fab?

Level 27 and Stuff

Posted by Little-Rena - June 20th, 2008

I'm kind of falling behind on a lot of things on Newgrounds recently, though I did reach 300 Audio Reviews and 600 Flash Reviews recently and finally moved up a B/P rank but I don't really review much other than what's posted in the Review Request Club, maybe I should write more reviews outside of that, PM me a link to a flash if you like, it'd be nice, though I'm not big on reviewing audio, lmao.

B/Ping I can't seem to get many blams really, most things seem to pass, which kind of sucks stat wise but whatever, it would be nice to get that up into the 20k area and close to my saves, it'd look much nicer that way, I was also forever at rank #90, so I need to do a little more to rank up, but falling behind on voting on stuff.

Should be level 27 soon as well though, a few more days, I think it's something like 7 more days and I'll be level 27, hopefully I won't fall behind on depositing experance, I don't like the level 26 icon, it's kind of ugly with any aura.

Also I plan on making some more flash but not gotten round to starting anything and I'm still stuck starting another because I don't have a voice actor, lmao.

Well, that's it, no shitty picture, you can go away.

Posted by Little-Rena - June 14th, 2008



Posted by Little-Rena - June 4th, 2008

I needed to buy some new headphones because my old pair broke, this was yesterday when I bought a new pair, I couldn't be bothed to walk all the way into the town centre to go to one of the music shops for a decent pair, so I went into Poundland for a cheap pair to last me till I go into the centre tommorow, thought I could deal with poor quality audio till then.

The audio quality is as expected really, really shit and the volume is awful, so quiet with the PC on max volume, so yeah. But that's not what bothers me about them, the design is the worst thing about them, you have to kind of hook them over you ear and have the little bit sticking out with the speaker in to fit into part of the ear, not the part where normal earphones would go, oh no, it has to be somewhere that slides around a lot.

Couldn't really find many pictures of them, no supprise really but I did find one, so I'll upload that to this post. So if you see some Signalex SK245 Stereo Clip Earphones, don't buy them, waste of a very small amount of money, they don't stay on the ear too well.

Cheap Headphones

Posted by Little-Rena - May 27th, 2008

I mean seriously, way too much time, more time that I have on my hands and that's saying quite a bit. It's not hard to notice that someone is going through my audio and flash voteing 0 on them. I'm not sure what this person plans to achive by doing so, I mean, it's not like they are going to get removed for having a low score at this point, lmao. So the effort is pretty wasted, doesn't make a diffrence what score they have, they will remain on my profile.

Just thought I'd point that out, you reading this can vote on my audio and flash if you want to, maybe you could join this sad crusader in a pointless quest! Or leave an honest vote and review, I will read and respond to all reviews on my flash when I spot them. Eitherway, I just thought I'd point this out because of how silly it is.

On another note, I need to get some flash done, I'm still looking for a voice actor for one, someone who can do a 6 year old voice impression would be good, PM me or respond to this showing your intrest if you wish, or just totally disregard it, lmao. I usually co-author voice actors, unless you wouldn't want it.

Anyway, that's all, I don't have any form of picture worth uploading but I will upload one anyway, uhhh, maybe this picture. It's from ages ago :x

Someone has way to much time on their hands

Posted by Little-Rena - April 30th, 2008

Finally reached level 26 but it's quite an ugly level, not as ugly as 15 and I'm glad I never had that level but still not very nice too look at. So now I'm stuck with this silly knife till June maybe or whenever I level up next, bleh.

Also, it seems to be Pico day today, I have to say I haven't seen many flash as good as my favourite one from last year but all the same, some decent submissions and I submitted my own this year too, last year just took part in a rushed collab.

This is my submission anyway; click here. Please if you feel like it, leave a review, I will respond to all also, I know more could probably have been done but I ran out of ideas and just now I realised I missed a part, too lazy to fix though.

Anyway, here's some flash I liked.
TANKMEN: day of lead
Pico Takes a Shit
N.G. Showdown
Pico Strikes Back!

Some others too but I just thought I'd list those ones, too lazy to list more. There are some submissions that just aren't worth watching though. But that's for your to decide ultimatly.

Posted by Little-Rena - April 21st, 2008

Today marks the day that I have been on Newgrounds for 2 years, being the 21st of April and that being my sign up date. What have I gained in those two years? Level 25, Sup. Commander and a Deity Whistle, as well as talking to a huge faggot.

Here's a video.

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Leave your comments, I can't think of anything else to say.

2 Years of Newgrounds

Posted by Little-Rena - April 17th, 2008


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