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Little-Rena's News

Posted by Little-Rena - January 6th, 2011

I've not been on for a while.

So hi and happy late new years.

Also Black Ops

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Happy Late New Year

Posted by Little-Rena - July 20th, 2010

So I've been playing Sam & Max, the 4th installment of the current series came out today, played it and there are some intresting things in it, not least the Blue Dispencer!

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PS: I need to get back into making flash, but I have so many games to play.

Posted by Little-Rena - June 7th, 2010

That's about all I can be bothed to type, it was ok, I went to some convention, I ate food, I slept in a hotel, I spent money, etc etc.

Nothing exciting happend.

I also went to ASDA.

Unrelated image.

I went to London last weekend

Posted by Little-Rena - March 20th, 2010

This is a placeholding newspost, I ticked Front Page just for fun, lolol. I need to get round to making some flash, just thought I'd mention that. If you have any space in a collab for an animator who isn't very good, just PM me and I'll do something, I'll only do it for co-author because I'm a whore like that, so if you just want to collab for fun then yeah.

One more week left of university till a two week holiday, at which point I will need to start my programming assignment :(

Here's a picture of my old USB stick, the end broke off but it still works.

Placeholding Post

Posted by Little-Rena - February 10th, 2010

It's my 21st birthday today, I spent the morning till afternoon at university, sadly I don't drink anymore so it's going to be a sober birthday but it'll be spent off the internet, well, yeah. Tommorow I have the day off and a proper party on Saturday because university gets in the way.

Anyway, front page news post because I felt like getting attention.

Here's Jun



Happy Birthday Me

Posted by Little-Rena - December 24th, 2009

Happy Christmas from the UK, it's 2amish at the moment, so yeah, I've not done anything for Christmas yet, but anyway, here's a pointless Christmass flash I made:


Submit to Christmas collection and whatnot.

Also, hope you have a good Christmas, get what you want, etc etc.

Happy Christmas

Posted by Little-Rena - October 15th, 2009

University, c u wen I get back ok!

TTYL xxx


Posted by Little-Rena - June 18th, 2009

I was waiting for this moment to showcase my brilliance but appartantly talants like mine arn't really welcome in the art portal with all the smooth drawing and um, diffrent style.

So here's a picture I made in paint showing one on my recent creations.

I spent all of a few seconds, maybe a minute, two if I lost track of time on this MS Paint peice, so you'd better like it!

Art Portal

Posted by Little-Rena - May 30th, 2009

I have decided to update my userpage images for no real reason, but I needed a change. Also, exams are over and I have time off now, so yeah.

New Userpage Images

Posted by Little-Rena - April 1st, 2009

Is great

Here's a picture

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