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Apparantly, I have been summoned from the dead, arrise Tomato Soup, god is not done with you yet. Do I even still know how to draw? Trick question, I never knew how to draw. But we're back, why don't you stop by and if you want, join in our public collab that is up.

Maybe you'll see me making some flash, you probably won't, that is some time consuming stuff right there. 

I'm going to go back to being dead now, take care.

I Guess I'm Kind of Back

2015-01-07 16:40:10 by Little-Rena

Two consecutive days on Newgrounds, admitatly only making a few posts on the forums and not really much else, but they have been full days! Probably won't be doing much of flash anytime in the near future, perhaps when I feel like burning your eyes with some terrible creation.

Images updated blah blah.

I don't really have anything exciting to report, feel free to drop me a message if for some reason you wish to talk! But otherwise, have a good Wednesday! (Or what's left of it...)

I miss making flash

2014-03-08 12:47:25 by Little-Rena

I miss making flash and I miss you guys too!

But I got busy with stuff and then stuff happened.

Also stuff.


My Flash With Medals

2012-03-06 14:36:33 by Little-Rena

I said I'd make a list of them when I had added medals to some of my older flash, I only have one more I plan to add them to, other flash I might had added them to I no longer have the .fla for because I'm good at deleting them, whoops.

This game is outdated but I added medals anyway.

Well have fun or whatever :p

Hello Redesign

2012-02-07 22:25:19 by Little-Rena

Well this looks like a big jump doesn't it? I was going to make a flash celebrating the redesign but I have been so busy, I haven't had the time or energy to do so. Anyway, things will take a lot of getting used to, the project system looks intresting that's for sure.

Also, I can't wait for the API download to be avalible, I will be updating some of the flash I have the fla for still and use some of the new API and some of it's functions.

When I have made changed, I'll list them in a blog post.

Anyway, hope everyone is enjoying looking around at the changes and such.

Someone put my flash up on YouTube?

2012-01-11 13:57:30 by Little-Rena

I stumbled upon a Lets Play of my really amazing Minecraft game on YouTube, you should play my game before watching the video, otherwise you wouldn't understand it, promise!

Well here's the video from YouTube, now you have hopefully played my game!

Feel free to comment on his video, link here if you don't know how to get it from an embeded video: f93s


Soup Sqaud wins a Daily?!

2012-01-03 09:04:41 by Little-Rena

Holy fuck, daily fifth award? Well thanks Newgrounds! Where can we go from here now!


Soup Sqaud wins a Daily?!

You can go back and look at the first one here if you wish to know more.

Currently, I am only putting flash up with less than 2.00 in score and this one is a little late from when I said it was, not many people commented on if they wanted to see more of this, but this is the 2nd one, if there isn't seen to be much responce, then I'll just give up on this idea :p

Obama vs cat: Childish humour, short animation.

ClickBall: A very simple game but still somewhat fun.

SuicideDots: Another simple game, pretty slow moving but not bad.

Anyway, that is all, leave your thoughts.

Things you may have missed #2

Things you may have missed

2011-12-20 08:47:53 by Little-Rena

This is something I might try to do every week if it is something that intrests you, let me know. What I am going to do is look for flash below 2.00 score and link them in a news post if I like them in some way, if there are changes to this format you want if you think it's a decent idea, let me know.

Just to get some flash seen more, if people message me with flash they like, I may put them on a newspost on Fridays.

But regardless, here are some flash I liked that are below 2.00 in score, check them out.

Notch introducez breeding: It's pretty good but it loops, still worth a look

No Job: A bit choppy but I think it's alright

time to relax: Unfinished but silly enough to get a mention

Climb Forever: There are much better versions of this type of game out there but this one is from a new submitter, so maybe offer some advice

Smorg Demo Reel 2011: I dunno, I feel this is making fun of demo reels and that amuses me

And now fancy logo.

Things you may have missed

I'm pretty drunk

2011-12-03 23:14:19 by Little-Rena

So I thoguht I'd make a frint page post.

How are you?

here's a photo of some vodka (other brands are avalilable)

I'm  pretty drunk